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Our Exotics of The Past


Below are Exotics that have been in our breeding program in the past. Most have been retired to live as pampered pets, but a couple are contributing to others' breeding programs. Many of the Exotics here can be found in the pedigrees of our current cats.

brown spotted tabby & white Exotic Shorthair

GC Psymis Wuv Bug of Purfurvid — "Bugsy" was brought to me by Michelle Whitford of Psymis Cattery in late August 2008 with about half of his GC points. He then GC'd first time out with me at the Los Colores show in September 2008! Thank you to all the judges that loved him! And thank you, Michelle, for letting him live here! Bugsy's daddy is CH Purfurvid Cupid, GC Purfurvid Venus' brother, and his mom is a combination of Larpa and Jerba Nicol. Bugs is now in a wonderful pet home.
CH Psymis Levi of LondonSquare — Levi is a super heavy boned, big boy with an awesome sweet and loving personality. His parents are CH Jerba Nicol G-Star of Psymis and CH Scrimshaw Silly Me of Psymis.
brown mackerell tabby & white Exotic

red spotted tabby and white Exotic Shorthair

CH Purfurvid Pixelated of Toxicate — "Pixels" is a very sweet, big boned, big girl who never seems to stop purring like her mom, GC Purfurvid Ping. She is sired by GC Psymis Wuv Bug of Purfurvid. Pixies is now in wonderful pet home.
GC RW Purfurvid La Volta of Toxicate — "Volty" was shown by both Tracey Dalton of Toxicate cattery and myself in the CFA 2013-2014 Kitten Class. He was CFA Southwest Region's 9th Best Kitten. He granded on November 16th, 2013 at the Poinsettia Cat Club Show in Glendale. Sadly, in 2016 he succumbed to an intestinal sarcoma. I miss him terribly.

black & white Exotic Shorthair

brown spotted tabby & white Exotic Shorthair

Malinka Ali Adel of Purfurvid — "Ali" came to us from Malinka cattery in Russia in September 2011. Ali is an affectionate, sweet soul, with pretty type, rounded, tipped forward ears and nice boning. Ali is now living in a wonderful pet home.
GC Purfurvid Ametralladora Patria — "Peaches" is a short, stocky, cutie pie who loves all the attention she can demand. She's the daughter of CH Purfurvid Paramore and sired by GC Purfurvid Pistol. Peaches is retired and now lives with my Exotic mentor, Diana Quintana's daughter, Lindsey.

red spotted tabby and white Exotic Shorthair

blue mackerell tabby and white Exotic Shorthair

GC Purfurvid Ping of Salajupiter — "Ping" is a big chunky girl with huge eyes who almost constantly purrs. She's the daughter of Corsica's Mudhoney of Purfurvid and granddaughter of Corsica's Roumalade. Her daddy is CH Psymis Who You'd Be Today. She is now owned by Anthea Ko of Salajupiter cattery in Hong Kong.
GC Purfurvid Venus — Venus is all about the love. She pours on the kisses and love to every person and cat who will sit still long enough. Venus is a red spotted tabby and white bicolor. Her mom is CH Purfurvid Lillix and dad is CH Parti Wai Ex Plode of Purfurvid (see farther below). Her litter brother is
CH Purfurvid Cupid of Psymis. Venus is spayed and lives with us as my daughter's special cat.
red spotted tabby & white Exotic Shorthair
dilute calico Exotic Shorthair
CH Corsica Parfait of Purfurvid — This cute little girl, Parfait, was born here thanks to Diana Quintana of Corsica cattery, who's retired from breeding now. Her loan of Corsica's Bonifide who was bred to CH Parti Wai Ex Plode of Purfurvid (see farther below), resulted in this adorable dilute calico Exotic girl! She's the mother of GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly and CH Purfurvid Polkadotty. Parfait is now retired.
GC RW Floricats Kid Rock of Purfurvid — Rocky is a brown mackerell tabby and white bicolor Exotic with an incredibly adorable personality and handsome good looks to match! His daddy is CH Dega-Bulu's Rembrandt of Floricats and mom
is Floricats Lil Orphan Annie.
In the 2007-2008 Show Season, Rocky was CFA Southwest Region's 21st Best Cat, CFA Southwest Region's Best Exotic, and CFA's
11th Best Exotic Nationally.
Rocky now lives with Anthea Ko of
Salajupiter cattery in Hong Kong.
brown mackerell tabby & white Exotic

calico Exotic

CH Corsica's Pixies of Purfurvid — Pixies, this cute, super heavy boned calico exotic shorthair pictured to the right, is the daughter of Corsica's Roumalade (see farther belwo). Her father is CH Purfurvid Mr. Bigg (see our past Persians page).Pixies is now retired to a pet home..
calico Exotics

CH Purfurvid Pick Pocket of Typecast (left) and CH RW Purfurvid Petty Cash (right) — This is Pickles and Peanuts. Their mom is CH Misty Ridge Motif of Purfurvid and dad is CH Parti Wai Ex Plode of Purfurvid (see below). Thank you so much, Cindy Jett, Momo's breeder and Penni Richter, Bam Bam's breeder, for making these adorable girls possible. CH RW Purfurvid Petty Cash was CFA Southwest Region's 21st Best Kitten, CFA Southwest Region's 2nd Best Exotic Kitten, and CFA's 18th Best Exotic Kitten Nationally in the 2007-2008 show season. Pickles now lives at Typecast cattery and we've recently received a very cute little dilute calico van daughter back from her! Peanuts now lives in a pet home.


CH Psymis Who You'd Be Today
"Chesney" is a handsome blue and white bicolor male exotic who was born in July 2006. He's sired by Jerba Nicol's Big-Benson and his mother is Purfurvid Lulu of Psymis. Since the beginning of 2008, Chesney has sired some lovely kids including:
GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly
GC Purfurvid Ping
GC Purfurvid Pistol
CH Purfurvid Pong of Psymis
Purfurvid Peep Show
Purfurvid Beany Baby
CH Purfurvid Push

blue and white Exotic Shorthair


black and white Exotic Shorthair

GC Purfurvid Mystical
Mystical granded in October 2004 at the SW Regional Qualifier Show! He's a big ole rolly polly guy with big funny feet and a heart of gold! He's the son of CH Purfurvid Mr. Bigg (see Our Past Persians) and Corsica's Clash. Mystical's the father of CH Purfurvid Fiona Apple, Purfurvid Liz Phair of Psymis and CH Purfurvid Staind. Mystical was retired to a wonderful pet home.
CH Parti Wai Ex Plode of Purfurvid
Bam Bam is an adorable cream tabby van boy with big huge eyes. His full sister is the lovely GC Parti Wai EXtra Read All About It. I cannot thank my wonderful friend, Penni Richter of Parti Wai Ex Cattery, enough for entrusting this very pretty boy to us! Bam Bam's dad is CH Beauetchere Livin' On The Edge and his mom is CH Parti Wai ExPose.

cream tabby and white Exotic
red tabby Exotic Shorthair
CH Satterlee King Creole of Corsica
Thank You again Diana Quintana! This time for allowing us to temporarily borrow this sweet laid back boy! Twitt is an agouti red tabby exotic shorthair. He's short bodied with big eyes and a big round head! Twitt was retired in a pet home.
Corsica's Roumalade
Roumalade is a red spotted tabby Exotic
who is homozygous for short hair. She's
another wonderful Exotic from Diana Quintana's
program that Diana was so generous to loan. Lovely Roumalade, who's now retired and in a pet home, produced consistantly nice kittens regardless of the sire. Her mother, Pepper, did the same.This consistency seems to have been passed on and so Roumalade can be found in the pedigrees of
several of our current exotics,
including GC Purfurvid Pistol and
CH Purfurvid Pixies.
red spotted tabby Exotic
white Exotic Shorthair
CH Nunza Sublime of Purfurvid
Big big hugs to Marianne Behm for this darling white exotic shorthair female and especially Marianne's friendship! Sublime is a lovely girl with small ears, nice tophead, pretty expression, big dark copper eyes and is as sweet as can be. Sublime is now retired and living in a wonderful pet home.
CH Purfurvid Pink
Pink was our first home grown show exotic. She loved the shows and turned on the charm and funny business as soon as she got to the showhall. Pink is the daughter of GC Larpa Dark Secret and Bolo Touch of Color. Pink's daughters, who were used in our program, are a black exotic shorthair, CH Purfurvid Enya, and a blue and white bicolor exotic shorthair, Purfurvid Dido. Pink, Enya and Dido are all now living in wonderful pet homes.
black and white Exotic Shorthair
calico Persian & calico Exotic
Corsica's Oopsy Daisey of Purfurvid
Daisey (pictured far right, with persian GC Purfurvid Lara Croft) is a darling little extreme, Corsica line bred, calico exotic female. I can't thank Diana enough for entrusting her to me! She's a wonderfully compact, cute little princess! Daisey is now living in a wonderful pet home.
CH Purfurvid Tommy Lee of Poyuk
Tommy is the younger full brother to GC Purfurvid Mystical. His daddy is CH Purfurvid Mr. Bigg, a black and white bicolor persian, and his mom is Corsica's Clash, a bluecream exotic shorthair. Tommy now lives at Poyuk Cattery in Hong Kong.

black and white Exotic Shorthair

black and white Exotic Shorthair

CH Corsica's Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan is a wonderful short, rolly polly Exotic male from Diana Quintana's program. He is yet
another one of the lovely Exotics Diana loned me and I couldn't be more greatful. Dapper Dan is behind GC Purfurvid Mystical, CH Purfurvid Tommy Lee, GC Purfurvid Pistol, GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly, CH Purfurvid Parfait and others, including GC Corsica's Flitterpated at Parti Wai Ex cattery. Dapper Dan is now retired to a pet home.
CH Corsica's Lit of Purfurvid
A huge Thank You to Diana Quintana for this delightful boy and the other great cats from her program! Diana has been such a great friend and mentor. I can't begin to thank her enough for all her help, support and advise! Lit is an adorable rolly polly red mackerel tabby exotic shorthair male. He's round round round all over and such a sweet and comical boy! He is also homozygous for shorthair. Lit is grand pointed. He made a huge contribution to my program since I bred him to each of the persian girls I had from my persian program before deciding to do exotics.
red mackerell tabby Exotic Shorthair
black Exotic Shorthair

GC Purfurvid Counting Crows
Crow is our very first Exotic grand champion. He granded at the Americans West Cat Club show in Del Mar, March 2003. A big thank you to all the judges that loved him: Bob Salisbury, Carolyn Osier, Betty Denny and Bob Zenda! Crow is a sweet lovey dovey laid back guy and the son of GC Larpa Dark Secret. Crow is now retired and living in a pet home.

GC Larpa Dark Secret
I am so grateful to Pat Helmick who let Secret come to stay with us temporarily. Secret is a very handsome black exotic shorthair boy who is litter brother to GC NW Larpa Curses of Marcus. Thank you very much to Pat for helping me get my exotic program going, and for her advise and friendship over the 12 or so years I knew her. I miss Pat dearly, it's hard to believe she's no longer with us. Secret is now retired and in a wonderful pet home.
black Exotic