GC DW Purfurvid The Rock of ILoveCat

Father: GC NW Purfurvid Tommy Gun of Toxicate
Mother: Purfurvid Snapple Pop

3-Ring Grand Champion on Feb 20, 2016, Siam Cat Fanciers' Club Show.
Thailand's 9th Best Cat in Championship in CFA's 2015-2016 show season.
CFA's ID-Other 21st Best Cat in Championship 2015-2016.
Thank you very much to Kittikorn Phoungjeen, Rock's owner, for loving him so much and showing him so well!! Congratulations Kittikorn!!

GC DW Purfurvid The Rock of ILoveCat is a blue spotted tabby-white Exotic male, born April, 29 2015.


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