Privacy Statement


Any contact information you supply to us is only used by myself, Jeanne L Scholz-Snyder, to contact you regarding kitten/cat availability, cat related news and information or Purfurvid website or Purfurvid social media updates. No contact information obtained by us is ever sold or made available to other parties, except in the event where we may forward your email to a breeder friend who may have a kitten available you may be interested in. We never sell or make available your information to any commercial vendors.

We do use Mailchimp. This site is used to email our subscribers. We maintain a database of your name and email within Mailchimp if you've signed up to receive our updates and news. You may unsubscribe from those updates at any time by clicking the unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our newsletter updates and following the Mailchimp instructions.

We do use Facebook. We do not run any Facebook ads to advertise our kittens/cats. If you "Follow" our page at, you may see our posts in your Facebook news feed. If you've messaged me directly in Facebook to inquire about a kitten/cat, I may at a later time message you there if one is available.

This website does not have cookies or any advertising tracking code in it. You may however see ads displayed on our information pages. Those ads may display information based on your internet browsing habits that Google or other tracking websites may have obtained.

Please check this page from time to time for updates.

Last updated Jul 2, 2020.