Nutrition and Your Pets

What I Feed and Recommend

I'm often asked, “What should I feed my kitten/cat? What do you recommend?” I personally prefer to feed primarily dry. It works best for us and I've found it's the easiest for our buyers without hassel. So, in choosing a dry food, I've always checked the labels, looking at the first few ingredients, as these are the most important and meat should always be the first one. The guaranteed analysis was the next important criteria. I had been feeding a mixture of dry cat foods which included Taste of The Wild and Natural Balance to the adults, and a mixture of Earthborn Holistic, Health Extension, Whole Earth Farms and FirstMate to the kittens. I've changed from one commercial brand to the next over the 30+ years I've been breeding, and those were the foods I had decided on last. Then I was introduced to Life’s Abundance. I was intrigued by the company's focus on quality, safety and the high standards of their pet food, as well as the glowing testimonials from the customers and field representatives. I was skeptical at first but the more I looked into their products, and then tried it myself, the more impressed I was.


Life's Abundance Cat FoodThese are the reasons I decided to switch to their products:

  • No recalls ever since their beginning in 1999.
  • Company is dedicated to quality and safety and has a direct relationship with each customer. Were there ever to be a problem, that direct relationship facilitates the company knowing exactly who has which batch, so the customer can be contacted promptly.
  • Product is shipped directly to the customer and arrives within approximately 3 days depending on where the customer lives in relation to the warehouse. We have one here in Southern California. Autoship is available.
  • Produced no more than 6 weeks previous to shipment, with no artificial preservatives that allow other brands to keep on shelves for 12-18 months. Also, no fillers or artificial colors/flavoring.
  • Premium ingredients, their food is made in the USA and Life's Abundance has no animal by-products (feet, bones, beaks and intestines, etc.), and no corn, wheat or gluten.
  • Fast cook process at lower temps in small batches to insure robust nutrition.
  • Guaranteed live probiotics - With my own health, over the years I've realized just how very crucial probiotics are. So this really caught my attention personally. Probiotics make such a huge difference in immune function. Some other pet foods say their product contains probiotics, but they don't guarantee they're live.
  • They love it and eat it well. In the past I've tried several foods that looked great on their label but the cats wouldn't eat it. Very irritating. With Life's Abundance, my cats happily accepted it. When I was transitioning, they ate those pieces first before eating the previous food I was using up. Once transitioned, I noticed they had firmer stools and better physical condition. After using it for several months, I notice very few outbreaks of upper respiratory infections in kittens, while kittens in the past commonly were expected to break with one at some point between weaning and five months old.
  • Formulated by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, who I respect and have read and kept her cat nutrition book in my library for many years.
  • Exceptional quality while being less money per pound than the other premium foods I've fed.

So, now we feed Life’s Abundance Products, to help ensure a long and healthy life, and we raise our kittens on this food and supplements to provide them a healthy start. We highly recommend that our buyers continue to do the same.

Are you a cat or dog breeder? Yes, as with other foods you may be feeding, Life's Abundance also has a breeders' program which not only consists of special pricing on larger breeder sized bags, but also much more. Contact me for more information.


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