GC Psymis Wuv Bug of Purfurvid


Brown Spotted Tabby & White
Van Exotic Male


"Bugsy" was brought to me by Michelle in late August 2008 with about half of his GC points. He then immediately GC'd at the first show I took him to, the Los Colores show, in September 2008. Thank you to all the judges that loved him!

A big hug and thank you to my BFF Michelle, of Psymis Cattery, for sending this cute guy here!

Bugsy is the father of:
GP RW Purfurvid Bazinga of Corsica
GC NW Toxicate Sundae Bonnet
GC Toxicate Masquerade
GC Toxicate Taylor
GC Toxicate Cartman
GC RW Toxicate Bumper

GC Purfurvid Galadriel of Alpana


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