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Our Exotics


Exotics (Shorthair Persians) are sometimes referred to as The Working Person's Persian or The Persian in PJs because they are in all respects Persians, but with a shorter coat.

Exotics, in general, have temperaments much like Persians, their longhaired counterpart, which is sweet and easy going. But Exotics tend to be a bit more active, sillier and often seem more intelligent than Persians. Many Exotics may be reserved until they get to know you. Once they trust you, they are likely to beg for your affection or find amusing ways to get your attention.

Because of their shorter coats (actually more medium in length), Exotics are easier to maintain than Persians. However, their coats are thick and plush and they do shed like other cats. Combing and bathing is needed, especially during a shedding cycle.

When a cat fancier breeds Exotics, long haired kittens can result. This is because the long hair gene is recessive. In most registering associations, the long haired kittens that result from breeding Exotics and Persians are registered and shown as Persians. For many years this wasn't true for those registered in CFA. These Persians from Exotic parentage were registered as Exotic Longhairs and were not eligible to be shown. However, as of February 2009, Persians born from Exotic parentage are registered as Exotic Longhair but shown in CFA as Persians.

For more information about Exotics, please be sure to read the Exotic article at the Cat Fanciers Assocation Web Site and see the other links listed at the bottom of this page.

Our Exotic Boys

red mackerell tabby & white Exotic Shorthair
GC Purfurvid Pistol, DM — "Dash" granded on December 27th (my birthday!), 2008 at the Phoenix Feline Fanciers Show! He's my busy body and never stops moving around, purring and head butting. I was lucky to get him groomed before each ring! He's the son of CH Psymis Who You'd Be Today and Purfurvid Party Doll.
GC NW Purfurvid Tommy Gun of Toxicate — "Tommy" is a massive boy who's sired
by GC Purfurvid Pistol, DM and is the half brother to
GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun of Toxicate
. Tommy's mom is Perfikatz Sweetstuff of Purfurvid, DM. Tommy was campaigned by Tracey Dalton of Toxicate Cattery and became CFA's 16th Best Cat and 2nd Best Exotic Nationally, and was CFA Southwest Region's Best Cat, in the 2010-2011 Show Season.

black & white Exotic Shorthair

GC RW Purfurvid Playa of Toxicate — "Playa" was shown by Tracey Dalton of Toxicate cattery as a kitten during the CFA 2011-2012 show season and became CFA Southwest Region's 16th Best Kitten! Playa is the son of GC RW Misty Ridge Jumping Jack Flash who Cindy Jett generously allowed me to lease for a year! Playa's mother is Parti Wai Ex Ez N Ohs of Purfurvid ("Ester"), the daughter of GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly and GC NW D'Eden Lover D'Jack of Parti Wai. Thank you, Penni Richter, for sharing Ester with me!
CH Purfurvid Benther Dunthat — "Benson" is the full brother to GC Purfurvid Funko Pop! of Chocolate , GC Purfurvid Soda Pop of Hamy and GC Purfurvid Snapchat of Catneed. He's also homozygous for shorthair. His dad is Purfurvid King-of-Hearts, and mom is Purfurvid Snapple Pop.

blue & white Exotic Shorthair

red tabby & white Exotic Shorthair

Purfurvid King-Of-Hearts — "Eddy" has turned out to be a wonderful producer of quality kittens and he's homozygous for shorthair. He's got an awesome head and a super affectionate personality that he passes on to his kids. His dad is GC Paupau Angels Black Jack, and mom is CH Purfurvid Polkadotty.

Our Exotic Girls

dilute calico Exotic Shorthair

CH Purfurvid Daffodill Hill — "Daffy," is a
pretty dilute calico with big eyes, sweet
expression and nice boning. Her dad is
GC Kissables Kiss N Tell of Toxicate
and her mom is GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly.

Purfurvid Snapple Pop — "Snapple," is my pretty little blue-white van girl with lovely round
eyes and a nice head. Her dad is
GC Kissables Kiss N Tell of Toxicate
and her mom is GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun.

brown tabby-white Exotic Shorthair

brown tabby-white Exotic Shorthair

CH Purfurvid Candy Kisses — "Candy," is a
brown tabby-white girl with a sweet face and kissy personality. Her father is GC Psymis Wuv Bug of Purfurvid and her mom is Toxicate Sally Smooches.


calico Exotic Shorthair
GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun of Toxicate ("Poppy" or "Mama's Little Poppyseeds")
Campaigned by Tracey Dalton of Toxicate cattery for a 2010-2011 Regional Win.
Poppy's mom is Corsica Paisley of Purfurvid (litter sister to
CH Corsica Parfait of Purfurvid
, GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly mom).
Poppy's dad is GC Purfurvid Pistol, DM.

More of our girls:

CH Purfurvid Strawberry Poptart

Purfurvid Marceline

CH Purfurvid Alice In Wonderland

Purfurvid Mo Tea

Purfurvid Fruit Loops

Purfurvid Spooky

Purfurvid Peanut


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